My second guest post – What a new Mom wants from you.

I’m so thrilled to have my second guest post up and published – and even more thrilled that I was invited to do so from a blogger who writes from a Daddy perspective, rather than a Mommy one. I find it refreshing to read things that come from life at a different angle than I’m experiencing myself. Plus, he’s from the same area I’m from, so we’re supporting “local” if you would. 🙂

The Blog post is entitled “What a new Mom wants from you”.


It’s stuff I think we all want, but might not feel like saying because we’re afraid to admit we need help, want support, or can’t do it all on our own. I’d love you to take a peek and share your thoughts!!


So follow the link, and head on over to Modern Man of the Cloth’s blog, to read the guest post featuring yours truly!