The Versatile Blogger Award (x2!)

Holy cow. Another award! I’m so incredibly appreciative of these nominations, though part of me secretly wishes these acceptance posts would write themselves. ­čÖé
I was nominated for this award twice, by two lovely bloggers. When you are nominated by people whose writing you sincerely enjoy reading and look up to, it makes the award so much more meaningful, which is why I genuinely hope you will all head on over to check out Mummy Flying Solo and BriAnne Huwe. They have some seriously great stuff to offer!


So for this one, I have to think of yet ANOTHER 7 interesting things about me. I’m going to run out of interesting things if you guys keep this up lol.
1) I have my open water diver certification from Koh Tao in Thailand. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done, and I miss diving immensely.

2) I much prefer yellow gold to white gold, which I believe puts me in a minority in this day and age.

3) I won’t eat lobster. Partly because I don’t enjoy the taste. Mostly because when I was younger we had about 10-15 lobsters at my Grandparents house. I named one Bob. They cooked him, then asked me to eat him. I was traumatized.

4) When I was in grade primary, I fell off the monkey bars at school while trying to copy the 6th graders and skip a bar as I went across. I broke my elbow quite severely, broke my wrist and had nerve damage to my thumb and first two fingers. I required an extensive┬ásurgery with a screw to put my elbow back together, was in hospital for three weeks in traction, had a cast for a further three weeks, and then a sling for three weeks after that. I didn’t cry at all until I heard a teacher say they should call an ambulance. At the age of 6, an ambulance was meant for someone who was going to die, in my opinion.

5) I’ve had meniscal surgery on my left knee twice.

6) I feel fortunate with just how quickly C and I were able to conceive L.

7) When I was at the Great Wall, I had someone ask if they could take their photo with me, as I was such a “beautiful Chinese woman”. I’m not Chinese. I actually don’t have any Asian heritage. She thought I was lying to her when I told her I wasn’t. She took her photo with me anyhow (and I with her, to remember that moment).

And now to pass this award along! I hope you will all find the time to accept this award, but if not, just know that I truly do enjoy reading updated posts from all of you! ­čÖé

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Thanks again to everyone who thinks my blog has something to offer. It means the world to me.
I love to write, but sometimes wonder if I’m actually going anywhere with this, so having this affirmation really does help me get through my self-doubts.