Let’s play a game!

So next week I will be going on a mini-vacation to visit my future mother in law in a tiny tiny little town. It is a beautiful place, and her backyard is right where a gorgeous river meets the ocean. We will be a two minute walk from a beach, will be able to go canoeing, digging for clams, lounge in the sand, all in a place that is super secluded. We’ll be lucky if we see one car go by every few hours.

I’m actually pretty excited about it! Fair warning though, you may or may not hear from me from Wednesday through Sunday next week (depending on the internet connection there and whether or not I want to give up valuable beach-bum time).

So in the meantime, to celebrate me having 121 crazy followers (when did that happen!?!?) I thought we could play a “get to know me” kind of game.

So here’s what I’m thinking. The first 10-15 people to ask me any question, I will do my best to answer honestly. This could either be a very good idea, or a very very bad one, so be kind please!

comment a question

Some ideas to get the ball rolling: It could be anything about parenting, myself personally, my views on a topic, etc.

Just leave a comment on the bottom of this post, and I’ll reply with the best I have to offer.

(Hoping I didn’t set myself up here lol).