My million dollar ideas!

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I have loads to be thankful for! I have an amazing little family who are in good health. I have lived to see another birthday this past Wednesday (Uggh 31 feels OLD!), and we are starting to get details finalized for our wedding in Jamaica! Can you tell we’re excited?

This is how I know I found my soulmate - we're both genuinely weird! :)

This is how I know I found my soulmate – we’re both genuinely weird! 🙂

So as I was thinking of all the things I was thankful for, I started to think about things that I think would make my life even easier! Things that I’m not sure actually exist (some of them might – I honestly haven’t checked), but I’m sure if I could create them I’d be rolling in some money!

So here’s my little list of things I think would make life easier. Got anything to add?
– I know they make machines that are a washer and dryer in one, so you don’t have to switch the load from the washer to the dryer, it just drains out then automatically starts the drying cycle. I had one of these in Korea and it kicked ass!

But I’d like to have a machine that washes your clothes, dries your clothes, then automatically folds them for you. So when the buzzer goes off to indicate it is done, it is already pre-folded and you don’t have to sit there for a bloody half hour to fold your laundry. Who am I kidding. I don’t really fold my laundry often. It sits clean in the laundry basket and we sift through that to put our outfits together for the day. Anything to make a lazy Mom’s life easier, am I right?

– Ever tried to push a stroller through a snowstorm? Okay, so if you live in the Southern states or somewhere tropical, likely not. But I’m telling you right now, it’s a pain in the ass! The wheels get stuck in slush and snow, and the pushing becomes choppy and bumpy at best.

You know how some fancy stollers have just a little button you push and it collapses on it’s own? Well how friggin’ cool would it be if you pushed a little button in the winter, and it released little sled runners that swung under the wheels of the stroller. That way instead of trying to manoeuver wheels through the slush and snow, you were just essentially gliding a convertible stroller/sled in the snow! It’d be so much easier! Does this exist? If not, I call patenting it!

– I don’t know a single Momma who doesn’t feel sleep deprived at some point (if not all the time). Sometimes, coffee just isn’t enough!

Do you remember watching those sci-fi shows and cartoons (like the Jetsons) and they ate an entire meal in capsule form? Or watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory and that gobstopper had a full meal? Why hasn’t someone created some sort of snack or shake that when eaten, makes the sleep deprived Momma feel like she’s just had 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep and has enough energy to match her toddler? Didn’t sleep? No problem – just eat this magic sleep cookie and BAM – what’s it feel like to be tired again?

– I’m sick of fighting the car seat. My child does “the rod” like a champ!

Which is your kid the master of?

Which is your kid the master of?

So I’m thinking there needs to be a car seat that has a set of arms pop out and holds your kid into the sitting position for you. Heck, while we’re at it, let’s have those arms hold your kid for you while the straps automatically fasten themselves! You just have to watch and make sure it all goes down smoothly.

– While we’re on a car theme, let’s make some car floor mats that can absorb all the discarded cheerios, goldfish crackers and annie’s cheddar bunnies. Let’s make a car seat that has an automatic dispenser on the side for those aforementioned snacks so when you’re driving and you hear “Moommmm! I’m hungry!” you can just tell them to hit the button and a perfectly portioned snack will present itself to them.

Got any other ideas that would make life easier? What are you thankful for on this lovely Canadian Thanksgiving day?
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Open Farm Day

Sorry for not being around as much lately. Chronic pain has taken over my life for the moment as we’re trying to come up with a solution, but I’m hopeful after a specialist appointment today that we might be making progress.

This past Sunday was Open Farm day in Nova Scotia. Basically, it’s a day where farms in our province open their doors to welcome the public, so that we can all meet our farmers and see where our food comes from. It’s a great program, and we wanted to take advantage of it.

We chose to go to Noggins Farm because it is only 1hour away, and is great for kids! Besides the u-pick area of the farm where you can pick apples, herbs, berries, pumpkins, etc., they also have a giant corn maze, and lots of kids mazes, a play area and pony rides.

We started out apple picking. We had to wait about 15-20 minutes for a wagon ride to the orchard, which wasn’t too bad as it was a gorgeous day, but L had other ideas. Waiting is boring and not very fun when there’s a whole farm to explore. Luckily there were some giant corn stalks nearby she could check out!


After a brief tantrum due to the fact she wasn’t allowed to run wild, the wagon arrived and we were off for a trip to the apple orchard! We were picking Gravenstein apples that day, and L loved it! It took a while to teach her that we didn’t want the rotten apples that had fallen on the ground, but she got the hang of it! She also learned that pulling apples off of a tree is hard work for a not quite two year old! She had to put her whole body into pulling!


You can just see her working so hard. Hard work pays off though, because the best part of picking an apple straight off of the tree is eating it straight from the tree. Those apples were quite literally dripping with juice!


After we finished picking apples, we went to one of the food trucks on the farm. They had the usual offerings of fries, poutine (a Canadian thing – fries, cheese curds and gravy. Sooo good!), etc. But they also offered hot fresh corn on the cob dipped in a thermos full of melted butter. Nothing says “welcome to fall” like that!

After eating we decided to do the corn maze. L was loving it and was running full speed ahead – that is until she didn’t like that Mommy and Daddy wanted to head in a direction she didn’t want to go. Try explaining to a toddler that we have the map and she’s going to get us lost for days if we listen to her. There was no reasoning with her. There are places in NS that offer Haunted Corn Mazes close to Halloween where you are chased through the maze by people dressed as zombies, chasing you with chainsaws (no blade) etc. They’re super scary – almost as scary as being stuck in a corn maze with a toddler tantrum. FML.

So needless to say we hightailed it out of that maze and played on some kiddy games for a while. She went through a rope maze, climbed bales of hay, scooted through tunnels, and then sat on top of a giant tire.


All in all, it was a pretty great day at the farm! We had lots of fun, and came home with more apples than I know what to do with. I gave a bunch away and still have too many. It’s like I was temporarily insane and forgot that I’m lazy and unambitious and that all of these apples would just lead to work. I’ll have to do some baking, or they’ll go to waste. Sigh. Stupid Momma.


Time to get creative. I’ve you have any “lazy mom” recipes that involve using up a crap ton of apples, I’m all ears. Anything that takes too much effort will be promptly ignored.

I’ll be trying to up my frequency of posts again soon, I just need to get some pain relief so I can sit for long enough to write.


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