Mama is raiding the treat bag…

With Dada’s help.

That’s one of the benefits of bringing a toddler to a birthday party. The treat bag often contains crap she can’t eat yet, or I don’t want her to eat. That leaves us with the tough task of eating some of it for her. Sigh. How awful. 😉

My cousins little boy just turned three, and in the treat bag from his party were these beauties:


I haven’t seen these since I was a kid! Of course, for nostalgia purposes alone I decided she just couldn’t have them (that and the sugar…yeah…the sugar).

Then I was struck by just how much things have changed from when I was a kid. These used to be called “Popeye cigarettes”, and the white candy sticks had one red end to resemble an ember burning at the end of a smoke.

Now they are “Popeye candy sticks”, and are just white sticks. Sigh. While I appreciate now as a mother that they aren’t glamorizing smoking and promoting an awful habit marketed towards young kids, it did make me feel old.

My how times have changed.