Reflections on the long weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada, with Monday being Labour Day. We all had a day off, so we tried to make the most of it while we had some sunshine.

I learn new things about myself as a parent and about my little L every day, but this weekend was full of new discoveries for both of us. I thought I’d take some time to reflect back on the weekend and share my findings with all of you.

– We woke up Saturday morning to a house that was a disaster. Monday to Friday for us goes by in kind of a blur, and then Saturday is when I usually try my best to play “catch up” on the tidiness of the house. So when people come by on a Saturday unexpectedly, it sends me into a mild panic attack. I mean, God only knows what must go through their minds as they step through our landmine toy covered living room floor, and see days worth of dishes piled up. Uggh. So realization number one for me is that I must find a way to get more energy so that I can keep up with the house better.  I don’t want to feel like a housewife failure before I’m even officially a wife.

It also made me realize that I hate those people who are all “Oh excuse the mess” when you walk into their perfectly tidy and clean house. I kind of want to punch them for making me feel even more inadequate lol.


– Late Saturday afternoon/evening we started the drive to my fiance’s father’s house which is 45min-1hour away. (Yes American friends, us Canadians tend to measure distance to get places by time rather than miles/kilometers. So if you ask me how far away does my Mother live, I will respond “Oh about 15-20 minutes away give or take with traffic”). We packed up the car, and started the drive which actually was pretty easy. We got to his Dad’s and had a ham dinner waiting for us which L devoured. L loves ham!

– That evening while out playing in the yard with the dog, L saw her very first toad! It was a pretty big guy, and he hopped around the driveway. L followed him along his way while happily saying “Hop, Hop, Hop” as she hopped with him. She thought it was a frog, and I called it a frog, too because I didn’t want to ruin her excitement at seeing him. I tried to catch it to give L a closer look, but C thought I was crazy because “it’s just going to immediately pee on you and excrete toad juices all over your hands!”. I caught toads all the time when I was a kid, so I thought nothing of it. He was too fast for me, though. I guess I’m brave when it comes to catching toads, but not when it comes to many other things.

– I discovered that both L and I do not do well sleeping at other people’s houses. (The fact that I forgot my medication probably didn’t help at all). She went to bed two hours past her bedtime and was too afraid to go in a strange room by herself, so we let her fall asleep on the couch then transferred her in. When she woke up screaming and afraid at 130am, she and I co-slept till about 330am.

PROPS TO ALL YOU CO-SLEEPERS OUT THERE! Holy mother of eff, that is not something I ever hope to have to do again! I was punched in the eye, kneed in the throat, kicked in the groin, arm-slapped across the face and drooled on.Yeah. I didn’t sleep. I maybe got 3 hours of sleep that night.


– The next morning we explored Grampy’s yard and L picked blueberries and blackberries straight from the bushes and ate more than I thought humanly possible. Berries do taste best straight from the bushes, though. When the rain started we had to go inside. We were caught in a SEVERE thunderstorm warning. The thunder was so strong, that when I went to pee it actually shook the toilet I was sitting on (though C’s Dad claims it wasn’t the thunder shaking the toilet – ha ha ha). We lost power a couple of times, and a house in the local area actually was struck by lightning and caught fire. We had to wait out the storm for a couple of hours before we could drive home, because visibility was next to nothing with the torrential downpours of rain.

I learned though that L is not afraid of thunderstorms at all! If anything, she was more pissed off at Mother Nature for ruining her day and stopping her blackberry feast. She’s just like her Mama – bring on the storms!

– I caught L “reading” to herself for 30 minutes straight to a book that doesn’t have a single picture in it. Imagine my surprise (and pure glee) when I saw she was trying to read the Deathly Hallows. Like Mother, like daughter. She may turn out alright, yet.


I wish I had more long weekends with my C and my L. It really makes me realize how quickly time is passing, and how much I’m afraid I’m going to miss as she grows up.

Did you have a long weekend? How was it spent?