Have you ever thought to yourself “Holy – How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day definitely needs to write about this!” Well now is your chance to have your say. Please take a look though, at my criteria (I know, I know, nobody likes boundaries).

1) Is it a subject that has to do with Motherhood/Parenting/Kids? If so, it’s a go! There more out there, the better. I don’t shy away from things, and always try to look at things from the side of humor.

2) Is it a product that is marketed towards Motherhood/Parenting/Kids? If so, you’re A-OK! Some of these things people try to sell us, I mean, what the hell are they thinking? Give me your most outrageous and I’ll try to give you mine.

3) Is there some sort of scenario you can think of that is just ASKING for a toddler meltdown? Give me a place (Grocery Store, Doctor’s Office, etc.) and I’m bound to have a take on it. It’s the namesake of my blog, so let’s bring it on home!
Can’t wait to hear from all you Mama’s/Dada’s – Join the Insanity!


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