I’m not dead, I’m just planning a wedding!

Holy crap, has it really been since December since I’ve written a post? You must have all thought I kicked the bucket and left this planet.

I assure you, I’m still alive. I’m actually in the midst of planning our wedding, so it’s kind of taken over my life. Plus, my work just moved to a brand new location, and I was in charge of a few big projects (including our grand opening) so needless to say, my spare time has been next to nil.

You can also rest assured that my toddler is wreaking her usual havoc, in her cutesy charming ways. Her vocabulary and sentence formation ability has sky-rocketed which has made for some very interesting conversations lately. I’ll get to those – I promise – but a few people have contacted me lately and asked me what’s been going on since I’ve basically dropped off the face of the blogosphere. Well, here goes…

1) We’re getting married! April 28th, 2015 in JAMAICA! I am beyond excited. It will be my fiance’s first time leaving the country, and L’s first trip on an airplane, so it should be interesting keeping her occupied for the flight. Mom’s/Dad’s who have been there and done that when it comes to in-flight toddler entertainment, PLEASE comment with any tips you’ve got to share. I’m so open to them. I can just see us being “that family” with “that screamy kid” on the flight, so if I can avoid that by any means (besides drugging her lol) I’m up for it!

I can't wait to have my toes in the sand on this beach!

I can’t wait to have my toes in the sand on this beach!

I’m also trying to do this on a budget. Well, as much of a budget as you can when flying to another country. I’m trying to DIY stuff, and access free stuff (cause who doesn’t like free?) and get it done on a dime. So if you know of any beachy themed, turquoise & tangerine DIY stuff, send ’em on over!

2) Remember the “Hypocritical Health Hurdles” series I was writing? Yeah… I know it’s been a while, but I’ve SUCCEEDED!!! I’ve lost 21 pounds to date (my goal was 20 pounds), including 3.5 inches from my waist. It’s actually reached a point where other people are starting to notice the changes, and I’m feeling pretty great! I may not be at my ideal weight (that’d be another 20 more pounds…uggh), but I’ve lost it and kept it off, so now I know I can do it! Yay! Plus, I still treat myself to a drive-thru fast food meal, or pizza, or something grease-laden and sweet and awful for me every now and then, so I’m not feeling completely deprived and off my rocker. The big bonus for me? I’ve picked up a few nice sundresses and things for when we go to Jamaica, and they’re not plus-sized! I’m back into regular sized clothes now, from regular stores, and can pick it off the rack! I will never be a size small, and I don’t want to be. I’d like to keep my boobs, my butt, and my curves. Though I do like that now I can keep that curvy look, with a decreased health risk. Overall, I’m feeling pretty great about my success!




3) I wish I knew how to cut my own hair. I’m in desperate need for a haircut. I’m talking a minimum of 6 inches cut off, but it just isn’t in the “mommy budget”. Sigh. Not really an exciting thing to report, but it’s on my mind constantly and every time I look in the mirror. I feel like a fresh new cut/look to go with my fresh new weight loss success would lift my spirits pretty high. Time to save the dollars I guess.


Alright, well that’s the life update as for now, so on to the stuff that keeps me giggling every day when it comes to my girl. To say she keeps me on my toes is an understatement.

– L loves to shop. If you ever gave her a choice as to where she wants to go, she’ll almost always say Walmart. I’m not sure why she loves Walmart so much, but now my goal as a parent is to make sure she doesn’t grow up to end up on that people of Walmart website. Have you been there? Basically it’s a website dedicated to posting pictures of people who are spotted at Walmart, wearing clothes to…”impress”. If it were up to L, she’d be in Walmart all day, every day so I don’t want her to turn into the Walmart Creature Feature lol. They aren’t the most fashionable to say the least. Check it out! http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/

– The other day, while in Walmart (maybe I do go there too frequently… am I one of those people?!), L was seated in the front of the cart when she started caressing my chest area and trying to pull my shirt down. It was a fight to keep the girls contained. She kept saying “Mommy, boobies under there. Boobies are hiding! Come out, come out wherever you are Mommy’s boobies!”. If you’ve met my L, you’d also know that she doesn’t understand the concept of an indoor voice, so we were drawing some unwelcome attention. This type of thing occurs regularly. Fun.

– On a cuter note, L wished me a Happy Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day, and every single day since. I’ve stopped reminding her that Mother’s day is over, because frankly, I like being celebrated.

– POTTY TRAINING IS HELL!!! We were having success for such a long time, then she was having some bowel issues. It took a few trips to a pediatrician, followed by some elimination diets to determine she has a lactose sensitivity, which explained the control issues she was having. Now that we have it sorted, we went back to the potty. NO FRIGGIN’ LUCK! I’ve tried sticker charts, bribing with candy, getting rid of pull ups completely and letting her wet her underwear to see if that will help her to learn the “I have to go” signal, etc. She’s TOO DAMN STUBBORN! Our conversations go something like this:

Me: “L, are you pooping sweetie? Let’s go to the potty to finish so we can have a treat!”

L: “Ummm, no thank you. You change my bum!” (she then runs and hides. At least she declines politely, right?)

Me: (trying to remind her the potty is nothing to cry about) “L, remember what we say for the potty? What do we say?”

L: “Happy potty, happy candy!” (basically a short version of if she sits happily on the potty she gets a candy – not a big one, I’m talking like one m&m – which she seems excited about till she sees the potty, then crosses her arms, pouts, and takes off running).

This pretty much sums up her attitude...

This pretty much sums up her attitude…

Or this version:
L: “Mommy, my bum hurts! Owie! Rash!”

Me: “L, you have a rash because you’re in pull-ups. If you used the potty, your bum wouldn’t get rashy and hurt!”


Now I know people are going to say that maybe she just isn’t ready, but I don’t think that’s the case. She was using it successfully until the lactose intolerance problem caused a lack of control for her movements and we needed to use the pull up for security purposes for a period of about 4-5 months. She’s reverted backwards, and I can’t pull her out of it. FML. If I never hear the word potty again, it will be too soon.

How are the rest of you doing? It’s been so long, I feel like I’m practically writing for strangers again! I think I need to get someone to start harassing me on a weekly basis so I don’t fall off the bandwagon again. I miss this place.

9 thoughts on “I’m not dead, I’m just planning a wedding!

  1. So great to hear an update from you!! Yes, I figured you died…or fell off the earth…or died while falling off the earth. Whichever way – I missed your sense of humor! 😥
    Of course, I was gone myself for a while but that did NOT give you permission to do so! LOL
    So, YAY, you must be so excited – Jamaica?! How awesome! Wow.
    And oooh, potty training! My daughter had a similar problem except she was constipated for a period of time (which means she had the opposite problem as your daughter, actually) but wow, it was no fun. She would hold it for 10 days or so EVERY time. O_O Gradually it just got easier and she was eventually potty trained completely. Hang in there.
    Write often!

    • Thank you, Valerie!
      I know. I never meant to leave my little blog – I was actually quite proud of what it had become. But life got in the way, and priorities shifted for a while. I’m just hoping that all my blog friends will still be around and haven’t given up on me!

  2. I’ve popped over a few times thinking I was missing you, but there was never anything new 😦 Alex was a monster to toilet train. He was always constipated, and refused to poo in the toilet. After some persistence he finally trained though. As for flying, it’s truly not that bad. I feels alone with the two boys when they were one and two, the trick is toys and games, crayons. Things that don’t have a lot of pieces and are quiet. A cell phone/tablet is also a good thing for games. And juice and snacks.
    Also, congrats on the wedding planning!!

  3. Argh potty training is haaaaard. It seems to take only the smallest thing to upset the equilibrium. I went and bought a POO too. It was something my son really wanted. I stuck it on the fridge and he couldn’t have it until he pooped in the potty. It took time but it did eventually work and it was the first thing he asked for when he had his first pooping success!

    Yay for wedding planning. How long is the flight? You may find that now L is older she will travel hust fine. Monkey loves the plane. Just take lots of activities. I’ve read about some people getting new ones and parceling up individually so they can bring something new out every few hours when it seems boredom sets in.

    Big congrats on the weight loss success. So pleased it has worked for you and that you are feeling so much healthier. 🙂

  4. It is good to know you are not ‘dead’. The one piece of advice I would give you about getting married in another country is….get legally married here before you leave. Nothing fancy or anything just have someone officiate in your living room and sign the documents. Getting the paperwork back from Jamaica and other places is apparently a nightmare.

    If you want to do that, I could actually help (I am a minister who can marry after all)

  5. I am also glad you are not dead. I think I saw something of yours pop up on FB or Twitter not too long ago and wondered why I hadn’t seen anything in a while. It all makes perfect sense 🙂

    I took Crazy Pants across the country just before his 2nd birthday. He loved it and it was surprisingly not that awful. I think it would probably have been easier if I hadn’t constantly been worried about what everyone else might be thinking about his typical toddler behavior. When I start worrying about people getting upset, I don’t handle situations as well as I could. It is a vicious cycle. So my best suggestion is to just try to be as laid back as possible.


  6. I must admit, I had begun to think you might have fallen into a ditch somewhere and died.
    Congrats on the wedding!!! And the potty training… sort of. I hope she’s doing better now, if it’s any consolation I’m going through potty training woes right now also. K will pee on the potty every damn time. EVERY TIME. She asks to go. She never misses. But if that child ever poops anywhere but in a diaper I’ll eat my hat.

    • Thank you! We’re very excited. It will be my fiance’s first time leaving the country, and L’s first time on a plane so I’m excited for them to get the travel bug that I’ve had for years now.

      Potty training is my hell right now. Uggh.

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