My toddler’s love interests can only be described as…interesting.

My little L has a few TV shows that she likes to watch more so than others. On these shows, she’s developed some definite “crushes” on certain characters. They are the ones she is the most excited to see, that make her laugh every time she sees them, and that she has even gone as far as trying to hug through the television screen.Β 

I think it’s safe to say my L has a couple of TV crushes. Now I had some TV crushes when I was younger, but none of them were similar to my L’s tastes. She’s definitely unique in her preferences. Yes, unique. I think that’s the best way to put it.

The first time we noticed she had a crush was while we were watching Sesame Street. Elmo’s world came on, and so did his friend, Mr. Noodle.


Now I’ll give it to him that he’s funny. He definitely makes my girl laugh, that’s for sure. But he just doesn’t have much going on between the ears. This Mr. Noodle fella can never figure out how to do the most basic of tasks, like drumming on a drum, sharing a swing, brushing his hair. I can only hope that when she’s older, my L ends up with a man who makes her laugh, yes, but can also manage get through the day without putting his pants on his head and his bum on a drum. Oy vey.

The next person I noticed she had a crush on was Captain Hook on Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Yes, really. Captain Hook.


Wonderful. My little sweet L likes the bad boys, so her Mommy is going to be left worrying about her choices in life, and her Daddy is going to have to purchase a shot gun. Man oh man. Maybe she just thinks it’s funny that he can keep replacing his hand (hook) with different attachments? Maybe Mommy needs to do a better job of teaching her that bad guys aren’t the marrying kind.Β 

Most recently I’ve come to learn she’s got a little crush on Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If you’re not sure who Pete is, it’s this guy.


I’m not sure what it is that she finds attractive in Pete. Again, I think she likes the ones that make her laugh, and while that is an admirable quality for sure, it would be nice if she liked a guy who was the same species as she is. What the hell kind of animal is Pete supposed to be anyway? Part dog? Part cow, like Clarabelle? I really don’t know what Pete is. Can anyone fill a Mama in? It’d be nice to know, so that if my daughter runs away with Pete I can have an idea of what my future Grand-babies might look like.

So in short, I can say that my daughter likes men who have no brains, criminal intentions, and of a totally different species. I’m in trouble.

Do your kids have TV crushes on strange people/characters? Who are they?

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12 thoughts on “My toddler’s love interests can only be described as…interesting.

  1. Umm lets hope her taste improves with age…..Although I had a wee crush on Rich from imagination movers but we’ll keep that just between us

  2. My oldest son is obsessed with Dora and Angelina. My second son doesn’t seem to favor one character over another. Unless it’s Nemo. But I don’t know if we count that as a crush. My daughter? She is all about Oscar the Grouch. Grins, and giggles and squeals as soon as he is on the screen. She is 5 months old. I don’t think her tastes are much better then L’s. Hopefully it gets better with age.

  3. Funny! My son has a strange disliking for Mr. Noodle. He loves Elmo and most recently, Cookie Monster. But every time Mr. Noodle comes on, he furrows his brow and shakes his head “no” until he’s gone. Now I’m pretty sure Pete is like a bulldog…maybe she likes his Guido-nature? πŸ˜‰

  4. Lol funny stuff. Her tastes will improve. Lucky that none of those men exist (well in cartoon form anyway). Whatever happened to cute boys from our childhood? Fred Savage, River Pheonix, Ed Furlong snicker snicker

  5. lol Pete is a Dog too, he often is Goofy’s neighbour and very often a villain in the Disney universe. So you got two bad boys and one idiot. I know a lot of girls with a similar dating track record.

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