My leaky bladder makes sense now!

Call your mother and say something nice!

My little L will be two at the end of October, which means I am approaching the hell that can only be described as potty training. She’s already shown interest a tiny bit, and has asked to sit on the big girl toilet once, and stayed there for about 15-20 minutes while singing songs and “chatting” as much as a not quite two year old can. Which means, I’ll have to go buy a potty.

So I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for potty training. I’m bracing myself for accidents – an unintentional pee in the underpants, not quite making it to the toilet in time, her feeling ashamed of peeing herself, trying to let her know it’s okay, and that Mommy knows it was an accident, etc. Then I realized – it all makes sense!

THIS must be why after we give birth, our bladders aren’t ever the same. THIS must be why when we cough, or sneeze, or laugh too hard we piss our pants. THIS must be why I’m up a bazillion times a night to pee. THIS must be why.

Mom’s are biologically made to accidentally piss themselves after giving birth so that we are empathetic to our toddlers when they piss themselves during potty training. I’ve unintentionally peed in my underpants, I’ve felt ashamed at peeing myself (even if it is just some wee drips), and I need comfort too, dammit! So this is why it happens – so when my sweet L feels embarrassed and ashamed when she has her first pissy accident, I can say with complete sympathy, “It’s ok L, Mummy understands. She sometimes pees her pants too, but we have to keep trying to make it to the toilet on time, and empty ourselves frequently to avoid accidental drips”.

So, my sweet L, Mummy gets it. She really, really does. Kegels just don’t do what they are supposed to do 100% of the time.

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7 thoughts on “My leaky bladder makes sense now!

  1. lol love it! Awesome post. Thankfully I mostly skipped the peeing my pants bit except for a few months post birth. I attribute it to the fact that I did pilates twice a week almost every week for 3 years before I had a baby. When I was pregnant they went hard on those pelvic floor exercises too! I hated them. I find them sooooo boring. But after extended use they must work!!!

  2. That is a parallel I never thought of 🙂 have to say too that I believe pilates has been useful – the potty training doesn’t have to be hard either as long as the timing is right: my daughter was dry in two weeks, when she turned two. Good luck!

  3. I am nowhere near potty training Samuel and he turned two a few weeks ago. He is interested and he asks to go in there and sit on the potty, but he isn’t ready to actually do it yet. lol I am happy to let him take his time too, after potty training his older brother. 😉
    Thankfully, I don’t have a problem leaking down there but I was serious about my kegels after birth!! Who knows if that makes a difference or not…

  4. I peed myself while running on the treadmill when I was about 2 or 3 months pregnant with my second child. I had NO idea until I was like, why am I so warm and wet ALL over my pants…ooops! I was mortified but cracking up. It happened a few times early on in that 2nd pregnancy. Thankfully, hasn’t happened since…I still tighten up when I sneeze though. lol

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