Shameless self-promotion – please vote for me!



I’ve reached the three months of blogging I’m supposed to have to get onto Top Mommy Blogs! But for me to make it anywhere on the rankings, I need your help.

Look to the right – see that little picture that says vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs? All you have to do is click it! One click automatically equals one vote – easy as that! You can vote every day, and help me to climb the rankings.

Let me know if you’re a Top Mommy Blogger, too and I’ll be sure to spread the love.


10 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion – please vote for me!

    • Thank you so very much!

      I had a really hard time picking a category, actually.
      I think I ended up choosing the funny/humor one, because I think a lot of my posts I try to put in that direction. But sometimes I post some serious ones, so I actually really struggled with where to place myself. I don’t think I fit in just one category lol.

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