Best Moment Award

We’ve reached the last of the awards posts for today! At least I think we have. If I’ve missed any, I sincerely apologize. I’ve done my best to try and keep track, but this Momma is a scatterbrain who always loses her keys and her sanity, so it’s entirely possible that I’ve lost track of these as well.

I’m eternaly grateful to have received the Best Moment award from Cupcake n’ Sunshine. Her blog is truly inspiring and full of posts about how to empower yourself, and recognizing people who have stood up against adversity to overcome. She also tells stories with photos and poetry, which I adore. She’s honestly an amazing read, and I really hope you will head on over and give her the followers she deserves.


Oh for the love of…. seven more random things? How am I going to have anything left to blog about if I keep baring it all in awards! Well, here goes folks!

1) I used to dance ballet, jazz, modern and tap.

2) I’m awful at video games, except for Wii Bowling.

3) I love camping, especially eating campfire meals. I make a tasty cake inside of a hollowed out orange over a campfire. That’s right. I might not be a domesticated goddess, but if you tell me I’ll be in the woods for a couple of days and I can prepare, we will eat well!

4) I’m naturally a lazy person, and have to force myself to get up and do things every day. Once I’m going though, I love being busy and social.

5) Before I had my sweet L, I could easily sleep until noon every day, and needed an alarm clock to wake up if I had to be anywhere at a specific time. Now that L is here, if she sleeps past 8am, I am usually the one awake wondering why she isn’t up yet.

6) While traveling, I always found myself feeling peaceful inside Buddhist temples. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the incense or the fact the most of the temples I visited were up mountains, surrounded by trees and wildlife. I just always felt calm there.

7) I won the English subject award at my middle school for proficiency in the language, yet I still to this day question my actual ability to write well.

Finally the last step. Passing this award along. I hope you will all accept your nomination. 🙂

Mummy Flying Solo

BriAnne Huwe

Grow, Glow, Go!


Mama Miller Parenting

Magical Chaos

Th-th-th-That’s all Folks! (Said A-la Porky Pig). I’m done for a bit. Time for me to focus on my own posts for a while. 🙂

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