Mama is raiding the treat bag…

With Dada’s help.

That’s one of the benefits of bringing a toddler to a birthday party. The treat bag often contains crap she can’t eat yet, or I don’t want her to eat. That leaves us with the tough task of eating some of it for her. Sigh. How awful. đŸ˜‰

My cousins little boy just turned three, and in the treat bag from his party were these beauties:


I haven’t seen these since I was a kid! Of course, for nostalgia purposes alone I decided she just couldn’t have them (that and the sugar…yeah…the sugar).

Then I was struck by just how much things have changed from when I was a kid. These used to be called “Popeye cigarettes”, and the white candy sticks had one red end to resemble an ember burning at the end of a smoke.

Now they are “Popeye candy sticks”, and are just white sticks. Sigh. While I appreciate now as a mother that they aren’t glamorizing smoking and promoting an awful habit marketed towards young kids, it did make me feel old.

My how times have changed.

10 thoughts on “Mama is raiding the treat bag…

  1. I haven’t had them since they were cigarettes. I remember pretending we were smoking when we got them ha ha… I can’t say I want my little ones doing that…

  2. I used to love thel candy cigarettes! So awful! But I can totally relate to the candy stealing, we really enjoy trick or treating around here though unfortunately, my daughter will be old enough this next yr to enjoy all of the treats.

  3. We used these once in high school as cigarettes when we did a production of “Grease”. We had to dip them in red icing because they weren’t red on the ends anymore, LOL.

  4. Oh I loved the candy ciggies. In AUS they were called FAGS. Obviously keeping those on the shelf was an issue for not only the ciggie part but also the name. lol Incidentally I did grow up to be a smoker (not anymore though, hooray for me). Who knows if they are related but I’m sure it didn’t help.

  5. Lol candy cigs. Used to have a pack a day habit as a child lol. And yes, that’s why we have kids so we can take their candy. I’m over the moon that Halloween is only a few months away.

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