I’m baaaack!

That’s right folks, I’m back from vacation! I know you all missed me oh so much.


To be honest, I’m actually REALLY glad to be home. This vacation wasn’t exactly the relaxing kind. There were two toddler’s there (my own L, and her cousin who is two months older than she is), and the weather where we were wasn’t too nice. If you drove 30 minutes away from where we were staying, it was hot as balls and 30+ degrees outside. But where we were, situated right on the coast, it was foggy and dreary almost the whole time we were there, which was quite unfortunate. I’d banked on much more beach time than we actually got. In fact, the only bit of colour I got from the sun was on my left arm, through the car window as I drove home.

All in all, the trip went well. I was feeling actually quite good about L’s behaviour and reaction to being told “no” or “ta-ta” in relation to her cousin. That was until, last night. The last night we were there. The night I actually NEEDED a good nights sleep. Usually everyone else falls asleep on the ride home, and I, the driver, am left to fend for myself and stay awake for the four hour drive. It is not a scenic drive. It is the same scene around every turn – trees, trees, and more trees. Easy to get bored, and sleepy.

I have a rough time sleeping anyway. Between my restless leg syndrome and mild degeneration in my low back, I’m lucky to get a good night of slumber. Sometimes my meds help, sometimes they don’t. Last night I was having a rough time falling asleep, but I finally did. Just barely. Then I hear it from the crib beside our air mattress on the floor – the restlessness.

In the blink of an eye, the restlessness turns to blood curdling screams and body contortions. I pick her up to try and soothe her (and not wake up the rest of the house) and it actually gets worse. She wants to be held, but not touched. She wants to cuddle, but not be touched. She wants to sleep but FREAKS OUT if the light is off. It is 230am, and we are wide awake with the bedroom light on.

One full hour of inconsolable screaming. One hour of me feeling horrible, because I know the rest of the house is unable to sleep right now. I wanted to die.

At 330am, she finally consented to sit with me and look at a book. Thank God for this book, because it was my saviour at that point in the evening.
H061_B 2.tif

After this story, about six times in a row, she finally let me put this book along with two others into her crib. She joined the books in her crib, and read to herself for another 15 minutes, before finally falling back asleep. Total count of us wide awake with the light on? Two damn hours.


Grand total amount of sleep I got last night? About four fucking hours. (The same amount of time it takes to drive home – coincidence?).

Then we had to deal with this when everyone woke up this morning; “So what was wrong with your kid last night?”

Your answer is as good as mine.

14 thoughts on “I’m baaaack!

  1. Sleeeep! The key element in oxygen mask philosophy…which I’m just gonna write about now, unless i get rudely interrupted!
    However hard holidays are (and lets be honest, its “holiday NOT holiday when u have kids!) getting back always feels like a fresh start.

      • Hmm I don’t think I did to be honest.
        And when I clicked on the link to my blog in your post, it didn’t follow through to my blog.
        PS – great post! The oxygen mask theory – I really need to remember that in times of intense need lol.

  2. Seriously why do people ask that question… like we know the answer. My husband asks the sane every morning. So i ask it back.
    Hope the drive isnt to tiring. Alot easier said than done i know but relax and take a nap or even just an early night.
    Worry about washing and unpacking another time,

  3. 😦 Sorry to hear. Sounds sort of like a night terror to me. Very common vacations when kids normal routines may be off. My girls have all taken their turns with them. They are hell!!

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  5. It is annoying to feel like you have to supply an explanation for your toddler not sleeping in a strange place. The typically answer is, they are a toddler off their routine sleeping in a strange place. That is enough to throw off my sleeping.

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