How To Survive A Man Cold

The hilarious Dad over at wrote a post today that actually had me laughing out loud.
I’m sure you other Mama’s can relate to having to look after a man who has the dreaded, debilitating, how am I not dead yet “Man Cold”.
Take a peek, and have a laugh.

I felt it coming on Wednesday, by Thursday night I was sure. I was coming down with the dreaded  ‘rhinopharyngitis vir’. Or as it is more commonly referred to, ‘A man cold’. While it was touch and go there for a while I seem to have pulled through the worst of it.Today I am finding myself feeling more refreshed and grateful to be alive and well.

It is in that spirit that I write this blog. I want to help men everywhere deal with this dreadful illness.

Definition: The man cold is a debilitating virus that only affects the Y chromosome. Male children seem to be generally immune until they reach puberty.

Symptoms: Your head aches, your throat is scratchy, your skin feels icky, your nose is both stuffy and runny and you are running a terrifying 98.7 degree fever.

If you or your loved one has one or…

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