Let’s play a game!

So next week I will be going on a mini-vacation to visit my future mother in law in a tiny tiny little town. It is a beautiful place, and her backyard is right where a gorgeous river meets the ocean. We will be a two minute walk from a beach, will be able to go canoeing, digging for clams, lounge in the sand, all in a place that is super secluded. We’ll be lucky if we see one car go by every few hours.

I’m actually pretty excited about it! Fair warning though, you may or may not hear from me from Wednesday through Sunday next week (depending on the internet connection there and whether or not I want to give up valuable beach-bum time).

So in the meantime, to celebrate me having 121 crazy followers (when did that happen!?!?) I thought we could play a “get to know me” kind of game.

So here’s what I’m thinking. The first 10-15 people to ask me any question, I will do my best to answer honestly. This could either be a very good idea, or a very very bad one, so be kind please!

comment a question

Some ideas to get the ball rolling: It could be anything about parenting, myself personally, my views on a topic, etc.

Just leave a comment on the bottom of this post, and I’ll reply with the best I have to offer.

(Hoping I didn’t set myself up here lol).



17 thoughts on “Let’s play a game!

    • What would I tell be moms? I am going to assume autocorrect changed that and you meant “to” moms.
      Hmm, very good question!
      Well before I had a kid, I never understood how new moms, all they talked about was their kid. I get it now. They become your world, and all of your pride and heart and soul goes into them.
      Also, get used to not sleeping. Even if they sleep through the night, you will probably still find yourself waking up to check they are still breathing.
      Finally, keep a stash of chocolate and wine handy. It is necessary for your sanity. 🙂

      • Haha I don’t like wine but I love me some chocolate. And my brain at the time of my question was non-functioning due to bacon overload so my question definitely wasn’t quite right LOL

    • Oh that’s a fun question!!!
      We are looking at April of 2015 – that way L will be a little older and will be more able to be a part of our ceremony (we exchange rings, she gets her own little bracelet or something to commemorate the day). Going to Jamaica for our big day!!!

      We actually met online, which was completely foreign to me. But after a month of talking online and on the phone, I finally agreed to meet for coffee. Our first date lasted eleven hours, and the rest is history. 🙂

  1. OH no you must post while you are away. I’ll miss your updates! So my question is do you live in the town where you grew up and if not where did you grow up and how did you end up where you are?

    • I do live where I grew up. Well it is one city away (just over the bridge across the harbour). Technically it is the same city since they amalgamated, but locals still see them as separate lol. Complicated answer.

      I did spend two years in Seoul, and travelling through Asia, but I guess for me, home is where the heart is.I like how close my city is to the ocean, how it is the biggest city in our province, but in comparison to other big cities, we are still small potatoes. Plus, I am the kind of person who likes being near my family, and almost my entire family is within a 20 minute drive from me now.

      • That’s awesome, especially when you have kids. I absolutely love where I live and wouldn’t live anywhere else but the downside is that my family aren’t close by. I miss it for me as I am close to them but I miss it more for my little boy as he won’t know his grandparents and cousins as well as I would have liked. 😦

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