“Sweetie, please don’t touch my boobs in public.”

Success Kid

The time has come. My daughter is obsessed with my boobs.

She’s learned all of her body parts and can identify them on command. But as of today, she seems to be enamoured by my breasts.

It started this morning when I was buckling her into her car seat. As I was leaning in to make sure her belt was tight enough, she touched my right boob. At least by going for the right one, she went for the one that still has some oomph left and isn’t deflated and flaccid after my breastfeeding days. (On a side note, did you know flaccid was spelled with a double “c”? I’m usually quite good at spelling, but I actually was taken back when my typed “flacid” was shown as spelled incorrectly. Learn something new every day!). She used one little finger, touched it, looked up at me and said “That?”. Fair enough. I’m fairly well endowed, so it’s not something I can hide or camouflage easily. All I could think was that it was best to be matter of fact about it.

Me: “That’s Mummy’s boob”.

L: (pointing again) “That?” – I guess she’s looking for confirmation. We learned her other body parts by repeating.

Me: “It’s a boob sweetie”.

I didn’t think much more of it, got into the front of my car and drove her to my Mother’s for the day. At my mothers, she did the same thing when I was in my Mom’s kitchen. She again, touched my boob and said “That?”. I don’t think there’s a point in not telling her what it is, so I answered again. “It’s a boob”.

I don’t know if she obsessed upon it for the remainder of the day while I was at work. However, after work, while shopping for a new computer monitor (Yay! I can actually see what I’m typing now – our old monitor was shite!), she reached up from the shopping cart. I had a feeling what was going to happen, but I had her half-eaten banana in one hand, and my purse in the other, while trying to push the cart. She didn’t just point this time. She took advantage of my full hands, and full on grabbed. Actually, she didn’t even stop at a grab. She “petted” my boob and said “Oooohh!”.


Oh for God’s sake. You haven’t been breastfed or seen a boob since we stopped breastfeeding, and that was 15 months ago. Why all of a sudden are you caressing me in public!

Queue me dropping my purse on the ground, shoving the peeled banana inside (yeah that was fun to clean off of my wallet later), and trying to distract her as quickly as possible. What’s nearby? My fiance is looking at electronics, and there’s some DVD’s – quick! “Here L, look! It’s Strawberry Shortcake!”.

Success found in pink, cartoony, animated goodness.

It’s not that I am ashamed of my breasts, or don’t understand that curiosity is a natural thing. I was just taken so off guard by the sudden caressing, with the “Oooooh!” and the people staring at me.

I wonder how long this phase is going to last…



16 thoughts on ““Sweetie, please don’t touch my boobs in public.”

  1. That’s funny, at the age of 4 years my daughter asked me when I get big like you will I have big hanging boobies too! I chuckled and said NO not if your lucky lol and we laughed,me because of the question she asked and my daughter because she was obsessed with boobies and bras!!
    I think all little girls want to be like mommy and have boobies, I guess it starts at a very early age :0)

  2. I would say it is VERY common. Not only do they look like something different than their bodies but they have no idea what they feel like either. I’m pretty open around home and don’t yet worry about being naked around my kids (although I don’t flaunt my body in front of them either). We are just starting to talk about what private means and what parts of our bodies are private parts. If my son touched my breast in public, I would have just told him that that was Mommy’s body and right now, this was not the place to touch it. It is a good time to teach when things are appropriate at home and when things are appropriate in public and what part of our bodies are public and what part of our bodies are private. Also, I’m trying to teach my children to respect people’s body boundaries and if I ask to not be touched, no matter where they are touching, they need to respect that. So many great learning opportunities! πŸ™‚

    • I completely agree with everything you said, and now that I am expecting it I plan to use it as a learning opportunity from now on.
      This was just the first time it happened in public and I had no free hands and was completely taken aback and flustered haha.

      • Of course! πŸ™‚ I’m so used to them being pawed at when they’re babies, that I guess I don’t think anything of it. πŸ˜‰ The only time I’ve tried to put a stop to it quickly and effectively was when they’d try to REVEAL my breast when they’ve been babies. No you CANNOT pull down my shirt. πŸ™‚

  3. Hahahah! This reminded me of my daughter. She’s only six months old, but she will pull my shirt down in public, as if to say “I’m hungry now! Whip these out!”

  4. lol your flaccid comment reminded me of my rant about the spelling of marvelous in one of my posts hehe my son gets obsessed with my boobies sometimes. There was a phase where if I got changed in front of him he would just stare and stare at them and I haven’t breastfed since he was 7mths old. I think they just realise they are different. They don’t have them and daddy doesn’t have them so that makes them pretty interesting!

    • Oh see I would have thought marvellous had two L’s. Interesting! It makes me wonder if it is an American vs. British spelling issue. I’m Canadian, so we tend to spell the British way – Ex. American = color, we spell it as colour (which WordPress just marked as spelled incorrectly). Same with counseling and counselling. We use the double L in Canada, but again, it was marked as spelled wrong.
      You are Aussie, yes? Do you use the British way there? Maybe we are right, but WordPress just tells us differently!
      I’m sticking with that theory.

      I’m sure she is just noticing that they are different than what she has, and I’m sure from now on I’ll simply try to be straight forward and use it as a learning opportunity (ex. These are boobs, we don’t touch them in public, etc.). I was just so taken aback!

      • lol exactly! It is a little weird when it first happens. My son reached out and grabbed my nipple once. That was odd. And yes I’m Aussie and we spell like you guys do. The Americans are on their own! lol

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