My first ever guest post!


(Photo credit to my beautiful friend Candace, at Cherry Pie Photography)

I’m only 3.5 weeks into this blogging thing, and I’ve already got my first guest post up.

I’m so grateful to Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three for the chance to do a guest post on her blog, and was surprised when she said she liked what I’d written. I mean, one look at her blog and you can tell that she really knows what she’s doing. She’s what I look up to in a blogger.

The guest post is all about my birth story with sweet little L (aka the toddler whose life I ruin).

So if you have a moment, please head on over to her blog, check out my guest post, and take a peek at all the other wonderful posts she has made.


5 thoughts on “My first ever guest post!

  1. Jennifer, that was so nice of you to say! I love blogging, but I know I still I have a lot to learn!! 😀 I’m really glad you decided to write a guest post. xo

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