“It’s the summer. Ice cream melts.”

Welcome to summer. A time for sunshine, fun activities, and summertime treats. It’s the time of year that you get to eat things you wouldn’t normally all year round: Juicy watermelon slices, fresh local strawberries, ice cream, etc.

I try not to overload L with too much sugar. She doesn’t need the sugar, and I don’t need the consequences of her sugar consumption. But it’s summertime. How do you say no to ice cream?

So I invested in these teeny tiny ice cream cones. They are maybe an inch tall, and hold 1 – 1 1/2 tsp’s of ice cream. Not a lot at all, but the look on her face when she gets her very own ice cream cone is unbeatable!

baby ice cream

So today we had some ice cream. She was so enthralled, that she stood on the spot, completely still and focused on her cone for 10 minutes. The only part of her that moved was her little tongue, lapping up the goodness. It’s the most still I’ve seen her…well….ever (unless you count when she’s asleep).

But here’s the thing about ice cream. It melts.

When it melted, so did her composure.

It wasn’t ice cream anymore, but a liquid gooey mess that was all over her dress, and her hands, and her face. We had to take what was left of the cone (sticky, gooey, grossness) away.

I think people must have thought someone died, because the meltdown that occurred was BEYOND EPIC!!!

Big huge crocodile tears, snot running everywhere, and a broken heart.


All over ice cream. That’s Mommy’s girl.

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