“The Pacifier – Makings of an Adult Baby?”

A pacifier

A pacifier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Sorry sweetie, I know it has ruined your day that you can’t have a sookie anymore, but we’re done!”

My inspiration for this post? Seeing a mother out with her two children today. One approximately age three, and the other approximately age five, both of them with the pacifier in their mouth. Do you have every right to make your own parenting decisions? Of course! Do I agree with it for my kid? Hell no! I will not have my child turn into one of those creepy adult babies featured on “My Strange Addiction”.

The pacifier. Otherwise knows as a soother, sookie, sooker, etc. I relied on it heavily for a long time. We nicknamed it the “mute button” for a while, because it would instantly sooth and, for lack of a better word, pacify her. If she woke up, we could shove sooker into her mouth and she’d drift right back to sleep. It was mommy’s life saver for a very long time. We’ve recently gotten rid of the sooker, and to say it was a hellish transition is an understatement.

These are older pics, but it gives you an idea of what we’ve been dealing with.

My kid, with her sooker:


My kid when you took away the sooker:


Needless to say, we just let her have it most of the time. Who wants to be bothered with that fight, when you can have peace and quiet?

Now, at 19 months old, we decided to be done with it. Our choice was based off of a few things. First, we didn’t want her development of speech inhibited by always having in a mute button, and second, we feared that it may not be the best idea for her teeth to have a pacifier in 24/7.

Plus, who wants their kid growing up into this:



So we took them away. It was a rough transition, mostly because she had to adjust to not sleeping with it (which was an adjustment for Mommy, too because if she woke up, I woke up). Plus you know these kids. They stash and hide these things away and then all of a sudden you turn around and they’ve got another one in their face! Where does she even hide these things?! It’s like she’s got this never ending stash of pacifiers hidden in every crack in our house. She must have learned this technique by watching her mother’s chocolate hoarding. Crap.

At 19 months old now, we’ve been pacifier free for about a full month. So far so good, and I think she’s forgotten about them for the most part, until we go somewhere and she sees another kid with one. Then, all hell breaks loose, and there’s nothing you can do to change her laser-beam focus on the sooker. We’re done for.

What are your thoughts? Is it ok to let a kid use a pacifier till whenever they want to give it up? Do you think it can turn them into one of those creepy adult babies featured in those
“reality” shows?





11 thoughts on ““The Pacifier – Makings of an Adult Baby?”

  1. I let my kids self wean off most things. My older son self weaned from the soother at 5 months when he started teething. My younger son is 15 months old and if I let him would have it in his face 24/7. Since I have a new born, I don’t have the energy to fight all night with him about sleeping without it, so he is allowed to have it in his bed. It’s not allowed out of the bed. He’s pretty good about it. Unless his sisters soother gets left somewhere he can reach it. In which case all bets are off.

  2. I thought we were going to have a fight on our hands with our youngest kid when we took it from him, but he was actually a good sport about it in the end. He was a year old when we took it. I can’t stand to see bigger kids with the binkie in their mouths. Of course, we also made our kids walk once they were walking because strollers are too big and stupid to lug around and hey, if you can walk then do it!

    • We only keep a lightweight stroller in the trunk in case she finds herself passed out in the car and we have to go somewhere.
      Otherwise, she’s either walking or sitting in the front of the grocery cart.
      I hate lugging a stroller!

  3. haha yeah i have never been a fan of the dummy (what we call them here in AUS) in older kids. I was so paranoid about it when my son was young that I did all this research on how to wean them. The one I used (which worked) was to stop increasing the size of the dummy. So at 6 months I didn’t go up to the 6mth+ dummy and by 7 months he stopped wanting it as it would fall out of his mouth all the time. He mostly had it to go down to sleep and at this point started just spitting it at. I’m presuming he just found it too annoying! lol Anyway that’s the tactic I’m going to use for the next one. I bet it doesn’t work next time! ha My son is almost 2 and has a bottle before bed still which I can’t bring myself to wean. That’s looking like my next problem! Btw…love the blog. I’m now following you!

    • Haha good luck! We just got rid of that at about the same time as the pacifier. I simply Gabe her a spot cup of milk instead anddeliberately made no fuss about it and luckily she didn’t seem to even notice they were gone! Don’t know how I managed to luck out on that….

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