“Mommy’s tired. Let’s play a game where she doesn’t have to move…”

Beauty Shop

We had a busy afternoon at a dear friend’s baby shower today, with only slight meltdowns over her not being allowed to tumble down the stairs over and over. (Obsessed with trying to go down the stairs. Wonderful to learn this skill, but let’s try it when it’s just you and me, no distractions, so that mommy doesn’t look bad when she loses sight of you for two seconds and you fall down the stairs and hurt yourself). She made a new boyfriend who brought her a cracker. Super cute – growing up too fast.

But it’s the end of the day now, and mommy is tired. She doesn’t want to chase you anymore…besides, you think it’s more fun when Daddy chases you and he isn’t home anyway.

So let’s play a game where Mommy doesn’t have to move for the next 15 minutes. How about…beauty shop!

Yes, that’s right. I’ll just lay here on the couch, close my eyes, and be soothed by you combing my hair. You’re such a girly girl – this is right up your alley! Make Mommy pretty, ok?

Didn’t think that one through. She LOVED playing beauty shop, but Mommy’s hair is a little worse for wear. Brush, tangle, pull, get frustrated that it is tangled and hit mommy in the head with the comb, repeat.

Anyone know how to get a comb out of your hair without using scissors? Anyone know a hair dresser that does house calls? Anyone have any chocolate… or even better…wine?


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