“Oh Oball – you’re so great, but you ruined my kid’s day”


Ever seen these? They’re only the greatest ball ever!

They’re easy for a kid to grab, super responsive and bounce everywhere. Really lightweight. Pretty well the perfect toy. My girl has a pink and purple one that she LOVES. To be fair, she loves all balls (or dalls, as she calls them), and if she sees one that she can’t have, mayhem ensues.

One of my very best friends will soon be welcoming her first baby boy, and her shower is tomorrow. Since the Oball is so friggin awesome, and so economical, I decided to throw one in. (If you’re reading this before tomorrow, I’m sorry I spoiled one of the things in your bag).

So today when I’m getting everything ready, I have the Oball on the dining room table. I’m oblivious to the fact that she is in the living room, and has spotted the dall.

I’m happily putting stuff in a bag, when I hear it – “WOW – DALLL!!!!”.

She’s running, and it’s too late. I try to show her that she has her own dall to play with, but she doesn’t care. This is a new one. New is better. New is what she HAS TO HAVE!

Ever told a toddler she can’t have something that she loves? It doesn’t go over well. Screaming, crying, trying to climb onto the table via my leg, the works. It’s pure mayhem.

I’m only left with one option at this point – distraction.

I have these little Zumba hand weights for my Wii game. They shake.

“Here, look at this! Ohhhhh how cool is that!”.


Tomorrow is the shower. She will see the dall in front of a room full of people. WTF was I thinking…..


2 thoughts on ““Oh Oball – you’re so great, but you ruined my kid’s day”

  1. My daughter (21 months) is also completely obsessed with balls…I brought her to my sister’s soccer game last week (20+ year olds, somewhat serious league) and she wouldn’t stop running on the field to try to grab the “baw” so we had to go home. haha.

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