“Oh God, gross, please don’t touch those stairs!”

How I ruined my toddler’s day today.

We live in an apartment building. It is far from ideal, but that’s where we’re at right now.

Now call me crazy, but she’s only 19 months old and usually climbs up the stairs on all fours. In this building, there’s no way in hell I’m going to let her hands touch those stairs in our stairwell. Heck,  I wouldn’t let her do it in any public stairwell. So, when we are out somewhere (or on those stairs) we usually hold one or both hands and help her go up the stairs “like a big girl”. This way, the hands stay clean, and she still feels like she’s doing something phenomenal.

Now today, this was going well! We got up the first flight with happiness – smiling, feeling proud of herself, etc.

When we were only 8 steps away from our floor (there’s a little landing by a fire escape) she decides to promptly drop down, crawl on the landing (uggh the germs!) and then sit down. The refusal to go any further set in. We asked “do you want to walk up like a big girl” and she was having none of it. Well we’re not going to stay here all day, so my fiance picked her up for the last eight steps, and then put her down so she could walk to our apartment door.

Apparently, even though she didn’t want to walk up the stairs, us picking her up was the beginning of the end. Insert the crying and wailing in our hallway which echoes more than if you were on the top of Kilimanjaro. Insert the crabbiest old lady neighbour walking towards us with her garbage bag staring at us like her crying is the most annoying thing in the world. Insert me trying to desperately pacify her to no avail.

We get inside our apartment, and the desperation to stop the crying continues.

“Do you want some juice?” – shakes head no and wails.

“Do you want your coat off?” – shakes head no and wails.

“Do you want your lambie?” (the previously blogged about dirt rag) – shakes head no and wails.

We don’t use the soother (aka mute button) any more so that’s not an option.

“Do you want to go to sleep?” – no refusal. She crawls up, cuddles, and promptly passes out.

Holy Eff. The pre-nap mood swings on her can sometimes be worse than a woman with PMS.

At least she wakes up happy.

Let’s hope she sleeps well tonight so we don’t have this kind of a show at the baby shower we are going to tomorrow.


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