“You asked to me take it, I didn’t want it! Here, take it back! Take it back!”

Does your kid have a lovie? Mine sure does.

It used to be a pristine, white, little lamb. We call him “Lambie” or “Lamb-tron”. It’s one of those things that is a lamb’s head and arms, sewn onto like a little blanket thing.

Lambie isn’t white anymore. It is a lovely shade of germy, dirt-grey. No matter how many times I wash it or what I wash it with. It’s in a permanent state of “frig that’s filthy looking piece of crap”.

Well today went well all morning. We left without a hitch. She didn’t fuss while getting her hair done either, which is a miracle in itself!

We drove to my Mom’s (where she gets looked after for the day) and things were going great. I should have known it was an ominous sign that this was too good to last.

As we were getting out of the car, I stood her up in the driveway and handed her “Lambie”. I grabbed her bag, and we should have been ok to head to the door. However, the white puffy dandelion flowers were too much of a temptation, so she made to hand me Lambie so she could pick a weed. No big deal, sure I’ll take the dirt-rag.

WELL HOLD THE PHONE. Apparently, even though she said “here take this” (well she didn’t actually say those words, but you get the picture), I’m apparently not supposed to touch him this morning. Queue the screams, tears, sitting down in the driveway (which isn’t paved by the way so she’s sitting on rocks) and flipping out because I’m holding the love of her life.

Did you not just HAND IT TO ME?

Oh dear god. Right. Forgot to mention that across from my Mom’s house is a lady who runs a daycare out of her home. There are two mom’s dropping off their kids and standing in the driveway staring at me with the “Holy God, thank fuck it isn’t my kid doing that” look on their face.

So I’m standing there, in the rain, saying “Well here, take it back, I didn’t want it in the first place. Take it back. Take it!”.

Give a kid a Lambie, flip the switch, and apparently all is well in the world again. I wish life were that easy for me. I need a Lambie for when the day gets rough. Oh wait, is that why adults drink?

On a positive note (yes, I can be positive, too!), I did leave her happy. Mommy wore lipstick to work today, so she kissed the top of wee Miss’ hand and left her with a kiss for the day. Ten minutes later, she’s still sitting in the corner, staring at the kiss on her hand saying “Wow!” and kissing her kiss.

Day ruined, to day made. Maybe I am super- mom after all!


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