“You think you know pain?”

So when I first saw this video, I thought to myself “Aww how sweet. These men want to get an idea of what their wife/mother went through when they gave birth. What a sweet gesture”. I guess it is a sweet gesture. Do you know what would make it sweeter? If it were more realistic.

I have a few thoughts on this. Will I get some flack for my opinions? Maybe. Am I going to be opinionated anyway? Yep!
1) So I guess these men did the simulated labour for one hour. They clearly couldn’t handle much more. ONE. HOUR. Seriously? I don’t know a single woman whose labour only lasted one hour. Try 47 hours, then we’ll talk.
2) The best line – “Don’t talk to me right now”. Yep. That’s about it. Don’t fucking try to talk to me during that pain lol.

3) So that’s the contractions…what about the delivery? Any way to simulate pushing another human out of yourself? Cause that doesn’t feel like unicorns and glitter and happiness and rainbows.

4) What about the poor women who get ripped to shreds? Yeah that doesn’t feel pretty either.

All in all – nice gesture, but it isn’t even a taste of what we go through. If someone can develop a simulation for how it feels to get kicked in the nuts (which I’m told is “the worst”), I’ll gladly volunteer so that I can confirm what I’m pretty sure I already know – it’s got nothing on childbirth.


3 thoughts on ““You think you know pain?”

  1. All I can say is DITTO to every one of your points. I made the exact same comments to my husband after I made him watch this! It’s a nice gesture, but still not even remotely close to the real thing!

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